Investing in demanded products is important for sustainable long-term growth. Therefore, before each investment in a new product, the employees of the company conduct a thorough analysis of the global market of Europe, Asia and South America and identify drugs that are in great demand with less competition. Furthermore, negotiations are made with contract manufacturers, suppliers of raw materials or licensors of preparations. Conditions are negotiated and in case of an agreement, contracts are signed. Moreover, the registration EU CTD dossier is submitted to the relevant authorities in Europe, Asia and South America, to obtain a registration certificate. All the cost of Medimpex registration takes over and after the completion of the process the company becomes the owner of registration in this territory for 5 years. Exclusive agreements are signed with local distributors of the country of registration.

When selecting a local distributor, preference is given to companies with full infrastructure for optimal promotion and distribution of drugs throughout the country.

Thanks to our experience, flexibility and effective organization, the company can quickly introduce new products to the market and respond effectively to market changes. Optimization of delivery periods, supply planning, production, logistics, quality assurance and distribution are fundamental aspects of the competitiveness of our company.